Sunday, August 1, 2010

Paul Revere in the North End

"Walking around Paul Revere in the Prado - North End" (Oil on Canvas, 24"X18", $750)

This is actually another re-paint, as mentioned in the previous post. It's new to this blog, as I didn't like it enough before to want to put it up. Unlike the previous painting, this isn't only a re-paint of the sky; the whole thing has been touched up to either adjust the colors or the rendering of an object. I like it very much more now, and have obviously decided that it deserves a place on my blog, to be seen by anyone who cares to visit me here.
I have another painting in a much older post that looks at the statue from the other side. This one has more of a domestic and casual feeling; that there's time on a sunny day for a mother and her children out for a walk to spend tracing the edges of this old bronze statue's granite base, basking a little in the reflected light that falls between the trees which create a canopy over the Prado.
I feel that the direction of the mother with her stroller, and the older daughter walking lazily in the opposite direction around the statue creates a circular motion in the painting that makes it more compelling to look at than a simple portrait of the statue itself. I also like the bright sunlight in the right foreground that reflects off the brown-and-peach colored polished granite base, and which reflects the little girl's legs as she walks by.
In a previous post I talked about how there was a horizontal triangle of people in a painting of the prado's fountain that
drew the viewer's eye into the depths of the painting. In this case, the mother and baby is one point of the triangle, the older girl is the second point, and Paul Revere himself is the third point of a vertical triangle, drawing the viewer's eye upward, creating vertical 'depth' for the picture.

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